American Contact Lens Service, Inc. is a custom RGP lens manufacturer.  Each lens is hand
finished and inspected thoroughly.  We are a
"one lens at a time manufacturer".


             Freedom Bifocal:  This lens is a one-piece, translating, prism-ballasted, truncated bifocal.
Exclusively manufactured in the Boston ES® material, the Freedom Bifocal is an excellent choice for
all presbyopes and especially works well for more progressed presbyopes.  The two distinct sets of
optics, one for distance, one for near, are cut with precision and clarity.  This lens is easy to fit
and has a very high success rate.  This lens is also under out guaranteed fit program


             Spherical lenses are manufactured using our DAC computerized lathe generating all of
the back surface curves with precision and reproducibility.


             Boston® Envision®:  This lens is a bi-aspheric back surface design.  Special applications
would be for moderate amounts of corneal astigmatism, post-corneal surgery fitting, irregular
corneal topography and early keratoconus.  It uses a minimal number of lens parameters for
easy fitting.


             Custom specialty lenses are designed and manufactured by experiences technicians with
the sharpest base curves and power optics.
  • Back Toric
  • Bi-toric
  • Front Toric
  • Kerataconus
  • Boston® MultiVision
  • Lifestyle® Multifocal
  • Crescent/Panasite bifocal - PMMA
  • American Freedom Bifocal
American Contact Lens Service, Inc. is an authorized distributor of many FDA approved rigid
lens materials.

Boston ES® has exceptional durability, surface wettability and deposit resistance.

Boston® XO can be used on corneas with high oxygen demand, planned replacemment
programs, post-corneal surgery fitting and large diameter lenses for non-diseased eyes.

Other Materials:
  • Boston 7®
  • Boston® Equalens®
  • Boston® II
  • Boston® IV
  • Boston RXD®
  • Fluoroperm® 30
  • Fluoroperm® 60
  • Fluoroperm® 92
  • Fluoroperm® 151
  • Paragon HDS 100
  • Paraperm 02
  • Paraperm E.W.
  • SGP
  • SGP II
  • Trans Aire
  • Alberta S
  • Optacryl 60
All materials and designs can be ordered under warranty.
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